Twitter power: @SuperBowl

by Eric Melin on January 26, 2009

Around 2:30 p.m. word spread of @SuperBowl‘s Twitter page. When I started following with @Spiral16, there were about 500 followers. Then @Mashable alerted people to the account and its popularity skyrocketed.

The power of Twitter as an information source is incredible. What I like about this @SuperBowl effort is the Tweets give us real-time, behind-the-scenes experiences from the biggest sporting event in America. They aren’t just directing fans to a Web page or spitting info from a blog RSS.

Who wouldn’t want to be on a plane with Jim Rome or know when the Cardinals are headed to their first practice?!

Here’s a time line of screenshots of their follow count. It grew by over 300 in just over an hour:

P.S. As I posted this blog, the follow count had grown to over 1,100.

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