Online monitoring results show Mangino falls farther than Woods

by Eric Melin on December 4, 2009

Mark Mangino sentiment breakdown

Mark Mangino sentiment breakdown

Last night, KCTV5 broadcast a report on Mark Mangino that included online data collected by our social media monitoring solution Spark over a two-and-a-half week period. Although the data sampling ended on Wednesday afternoon, it turned out to be quite prescient.

One hour before the data was broadcast, the embattled KU football coach resigned.

Spark was also running an insight on Tiger Woods‘ recent accident and the hoopla surrounding it. The comparison is pretty interesting.

Sentiment Breakdown

The top right pie chart represents the sentiment breakdown from Nov. 14 – Dec. 2 on URLs pertaining to Mark Mangino. It excludes all neutral content because this is a sampling of the most overt sentiment. Green is positive, red is negative. The breakdown is as follows:

• Positive: 24.69%
• Negative: 75.31%

Tiger Woods sentiment breakdown

Tiger Woods sentiment breakdown

Mangino resigned his position as head coach after an internal review of the football program was completed. During the time of the sampling, allegations of mistreatment of his players had surfaced.

The impending review, coupled with a losing streak, caused online sentiment surrounding Mangino (2007’s NCAA Coach of the Year) to plummet.

Now let’s look at Tiger Woods’ sentiment breakdown:

The pie chart to the right represents the sentiment breakdown from Nov. 27 – Dec. 2 on URLs pertaining to Tiger Woods’ accident, excluding all neutral content again.

• Positive: 41.52%
• Negative: 58.48%

Woods’ accident took place on Nov. 27 and controversy swirled regarding claims of adultery on the part of the pro golf star. The shelf-life of this story was much shorter, however, and culminated in a public apology on Dec. 2.

Sentiment Growth

Mark Mangino sentiment growth

Mark Mangino sentiment growth

If you look at a chart of the volume growth rate of Mangino chatter on the Internet from Nov. 14 – Dec. 2, you’ll notice that positive sentiment was up and down about the coach through most of November (with a positive spike on Nov. 24, when two KU players publicly defended their coach).

When the news broke on Nov. 30 that Kansas University was officially investigating an “unspecified personnel issue” involving Mangino, negative sentiment spikes. The coach himself conceded that he had lost the support of “some people around here” and the line graph bears that out.

On Dec. 2, the discrepancy between negative and positive URLs again became vast, after a report about more claims of mistreatment by Mangino appeared.

• 11/24: 27 positive URLs, 10 negative URLs
• 11/30: 58 positive URLs, 78 negative URLs
• 12/2: 22 positive URLs, 36 negative URLs

Tiger Woods sentiment growth

Tiger Woods sentiment growth

By contrast, if you look at a chart of the volume growth rate of Tiger Woods-related chatter on the Internet from Nov. 27 – Dec. 2, you’ll notice that negative sentiment always outweighed positive sentiment on a daily basis, but not by much.

On Dec. 2, however, after Woods issued his public apology, there were 32% more positive URLs than negative ones.

Because the scandal doesn’t directly involve Woods’ profession, some people believe it’s nobody’s business but the golfer’s own.

Semantic Cloud

The word cloud below shows that this story has more legs as a piece of gossip than a legitimate news story, with “photos,” “videos,” and “TMZ” being hugely popular words. This suggests that people were more interested in the salacious parts of the story. Individual comments seem to bear this out as well.

This is a list of some of the 100 most used words in posts about Woods’ accident from Nov. 27 – Dec. 2:

“wife” was in 62% of all URLs.
“photos” was in 44.5% of all URLs.
“videos” was in 40.4% of all URLs.
“Uchitel” was in 37.5% of all URLs. Rachel Uchitel is rumored to having an affair with Woods.
“Nordegren” was in 34.4% of all URLs. Elin Nordegren is Woods’ wife.
“mistress” was in 24.3% of all URLs.
“TMZ” was in 20.9% of all URLs. The celebrity gossip site fueled the fire and was the source for other posts.
“Grubbs” was in 17.6% of all URLs. Jaimee Grubbs is also rumored to having an affair with Woods.

Tiger Woods semantic cloud

Tiger Woods semantic cloud

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