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by Eric Melin on January 3, 2011

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response, another Sneak Peek Webinar has been scheduled for Monday January 17 at 2pm CST (3pm EST). Please use the form below to sign up for an invite. Thanks!

Today we begin rolling out the next generation of our web and social media monitoring application to a bigger test group.  Spiral16 2.0 is in beta testing for the next few weeks, with plans to fully launch in the marketplace this month.

Spiral16 2.0 Project Home

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The Spiral16 web monitoring application is a powerful tool and some of the functionality that allows us to delve so deeply into the data initially resulted in our software being less user-friendly, especially for new users. The new version of the Spiral16 software has addressed this and we’re excited about the improved capabilities and overall user experience.

One of the first differences with Spiral16 2.0 is apparent as soon as you login to the system, when you see our Project Home page.

Project Home is a collapsible big-picture dashboard that looks at all of the topics you have running as a whole. With a simple click on the project name, a window expands listing all your topics – both active and inactive – in six different charts and graphs. This overview is a snapshot of your activity, all in one place, all viewable at a glance. It also serves as the base for the user dashboard, so that you can quickly check and get a top line view of the data.

The Project Home page also allows you to see at a glance how much of your query has been rejected and how much data was accepted.  This is critical, as this snapshot will tell you if you’re using the right terms to get the data you need.

The release of Spiral16 2.0 represents over a year of intensive market research and client feedback, along with countless hours of development.  We are constantly soliciting feedback from our clients and potential clients and that has allowed us to modify our software to include features our users want and need, as well as to modify things they felt needed improvement. Our goal was to make our application more intuitive and more effective and we think that once you have a chance to experiment with the software, that you’ll agree.

For those of you who’ve not yet used our monitoring software, here’s an overview of what we do and why we’re different than our competitors:

Focus on Relevant Data
Spiral16′s proprietary technology collects more relevant digital content, so users don’t have to waste time sorting through outdated material and spam. Our software and data analysis help cut through the noise and deliver the information our clients seek efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive  Monitoring
Spiral16 software uses proprietary technology to gather and correlate information from any web page currently in existence on the Internet.

3D Virtualization
Virtualization allows you to understand data at a glance, because you can see a visual snapshot of the data you are monitoring.

Get a Sneak Preview
Spiral16 2.0 offers a powerful data monitoring application in a user-friendly package. We are offering a short 30-minute webinar on Monday, January 10th at 2pm CST (3pm EST/11am PST) for a personal tour of the new Spiral16 web monitoring application, and it would be great if you would join us.

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