Spiral16 2.0: User-Friendly and Powerful [Video]

by admin on January 11, 2011

Spiral16 stands apart from other web monitoring applications because we collect more relevant digital content, filter out more spam, and give you the flexibility to focus your analysis where it matters. Our 3D visual-mapping capabilities alos offer a unique view of the data that matters to you.

Sprial16 2.0, the next generation of our web monitoring application is currently in test mode and so far the feedback has been great.

Spiral16’s ability to dive deep into the data has had a tendency to make our old platform a little less user friendly. That’s changed dramatically with Spiral16 2.0. We’re excited about the improved speed and new features and while much of the focus has been on refining the tool and making it easy to use, especially to new users. Basically, Spiral16 2.0 is more powerful and more intuitive. Take a look at this quick video about Spiral16 2.0.

Three important things have not changed with the roll-out of Spiral16 2.0:

Focus on Relevant Data – Our application is focused on bringing back relevant data, the details that are important for your particular brand or business. Spiral16’s proprietary technology collects more relevant digital content, so users don’t have to waste time sorting through outdated material and spam.

Comprehensive Monitoring – Spiral16 software uses proprietary technology to gather and correlate information from any web page currently in existence on the Internet, checking against search engines and indexing RSS feeds at the same time.

3D Virtualization – Our 3D Virtualization allows you to understand your data at a glance because you can see a visual snapshot of the data you are monitoring.

We’ll offer some short educational webinars in the coming weeks, please contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

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