Spiral16 Built Different from Other Monitoring Platforms

by admin on February 1, 2011

spiral16Spiral16 is built different from the ground up. 

Unlike many of our competitors, our web monitoring platform is completely proprietary. We own our technology. We are not licensing another company’s software or algorithms and importing them into our solution.

When we talk to potential clients, the first question is always: What makes Spiral16 different from other web monitoring platforms?  What do you have that is unique?

Here’s an example of why it matters that we own our platform:

An API (application-programming interface) is a way to communicate with a data source without relying on human action or a dashboard. For most of the web monitoring industry, a handful of data sources act as an API for many other monitoring platforms. Those companies then build on top of them, white-labeling and reselling. Many of our competitors are using the same API, while here at Spiral16 we have spent the resources to develop our own algorithms and metrics, which we are constantly improving.

Because we own our technology and developed it ourselves, we can make changes and improvements to any part of our platform as needed. We are always listening to our customers about new product development and improving our application.

Spiral16 web crawler – We have a web crawler that works like a search engine, constantly searching for the relevant terms for your topic. This gives give us the capability to bring back a better caliber of data.

Flexibility – We give users flexibility to sort and filter data in so may ways to gain maximum insight on the search topic.

Sentiment – Another difference is that Spiral16 has a proprietary sentiment algorithm that processes each web page twice. First, it calculates the average amount of sentiment on each page. Then our system goes back and looks for overt sentiment excerpts, pulling out the most positive and negative comments on that page that surround your topic. Whether you are looking for big-picture sentiment analysis or measurement down to the specific comment, we’ve got you covered.

Does your monitoring solution own their technology? Monitoring your brand and company is critical to business. Do you want to use the same tool as everyone else?

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