Social Media and Marketing Links: Marshmallow Peeps Edition

by Michelle Lamar on April 22, 2011

peace peepsMany people are thinking of chocolate candy, giant Easter bunnies and marshmallow peeps today — but since we’re such geeks, we’re still thinking of social media and marketing.

Here are a few of our favorite links this week, have a great weekend!

Social Media Examiner – Expand Your Linked In Network with Linked In Company Search

Liz Strauss – When People Steal Your Ideas

Brian Solis – ROI Doesn’t Stand for Return on Ignorance

TopRankBlog – 29 Content Marketing Tactics to Attract, Engage and Persuade Customers

Business Analytics – Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence

Have a great weekend and just for fun, here are two more links! Enjoy.

MTV – Tips for Geeking Out Your Easter Basket

Check out more pictures of Marshmallow Peeps as art here.

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