BrandSavant: Tips to Choose an Online Monitoring Tool

by Michelle Lamar on September 29, 2011

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BrandSavant is one of my favorite blogs and if you don’t read it, you should.  BrandSavant is all about the proliferation of data being generated by social media, and how to actually gain insight from this data.

It’s not enough to keep track of your brand’s followers or fans. You need to be able to use and understand the online activity for your brand or business and use this information to make business decisions.

Yesterday, my post talked about how more brands are coming to Spiral16 because of our focus on research and data. In the early days of social media monitoring, “simple and pretty” ruled the day and Spiral16 was sometimes overlooked because frankly our tool isn’t as “sexy” as other monitoring choices.

As more brands and businesses want to know what the online data means and how to use this data — Spiral16’s approach is gaining momentum. In other words … nerds rule.  Here is a preview of an excellent post from BrandSavant about how to choose a social monitoring tool and why a “tool” isn’t the answer:

For your brand, Twitter might be enormously important. For others, much of the content, interaction and engagement might be centered on message boards, or a few popular blogs with active commenting communities. You need to know where your customers are, before you can begin to calibrate and therefore make sense of the noisy firehose of social media monitoring.

Does this mean that you ignore a channel? Never. It might mean, however, that you weight its importance up or down in the calibration of your social media monitoring metrics, depending on how representative that channel is of your current base of customers and prospects.

Read the post on The First Step in Choosing a Social Monitoring Tool over on BrandSavant.



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