New Social Media Monitoring Solution Eliminates Need for Humans

by Eric Melin on February 20, 2012

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Brand managers and CMOs everywhere already know this:

Having monitoring software that scours the Internet and brings back the most relevant posts for your brand (on blogs, social networks, forums, news sites, shopping sites, and reference sites) from all over the web is essential.

The insight you can gain from this data will affect your company and your marketing, helping you make smarter business decisions.

But most social media monitoring systems are keyword-based. How do you tell your web monitoring platform what to look for? And what happens when you roll out a new campaign or a crisis develops? You have to revisit the words you’re looking for — and make changes as needed. It’s such a hassle.

In short, with social media monitoring software, it’s always the same story: You can’t find what you’re not looking for.

Never fear — the ultimate web and social media monitoring system is on its way. (A second cousin to the Stat-Master 9000, a one-size-fits-all social media monitoring solution.)

The Tea-Leaf 10000 is in development now. Not only can the Tea-Leaf 10000 accurately predict when a crisis will develop for your brand, it also reads your mind and adjusts the keywords you are using to make sure that any change in your online campaign or marketing language is reflected in your web search.

No longer will you have to edit and adjust your keyword search to make sure that your web monitoring software is on top of things that only you as the brand manager are aware of.

If a new product is introduced, the Tea-Leaf 10000 magically knows this (it’s proprietary technology after all), and it re-adjusts your keywords accordingly to make sure you don’t miss any mentions of the product. The margin of error is so small on this that the Tea-Leaf 10000 will see the very first tweet by the very first customer to buy the product without you even telling it to look for the product name!

There’s no need to adjust your keywords seasonally to include mentions of the McRib or the Shamrock Shake. What used to be an essential part of any marketing person’s daily upkeep is now just plainly unnecessary. Don’t worry about editing your keyword search — the Tea-Leaf 10000 will do it for you without you ever laying a hand on a keyboard to do it yourself.

It used to be that social media monitoring software could only find what you tell it to look for. No longer. The Tea-Leaf 10000 reads your mind and changes your keyword searches for you, as needed.

If you roll out a new social media campaign and there are new words you need to monitor to make sure the software is catching all relevant mentions on the web, the Tea-Leaf 10000 will instinctively pick up on this from the collective consciousness of the Internet. It’s truly a wonder.

Don’t worry about changing your keyword search to look for people adopting the new language of your marketing campaign. If you’ve changed the way you are talking about your brand, the Tea-Leaf 10000 will automatically stop looking for “Have you had your break today?” and start looking for “I’m lovin’ it!”

It’s vitally important to have a web monitoring solution that allows you to always stay on top of things. It wasn’t hard to do before, but now it’s automatic. Adjust keywords as trends develop and your brand evolves? It’s a thing of the past. The Tea-Leaf 10000* takes the pesky step of human interaction out of the process and does it for you.

That is what’s really missing in digital marketing right now: Insight developed by a computer algorithm instead of human analysis.

* Caution: The Tea-Leaf 10000 is an experimental product and it may misconstrue words with multiple meanings, assign false context, and bring back tons of unwanted, irrelevant results and spam. Not suitable for social media managers, CMOs, brand managers, or digital strategists. Do not use while sleeping or unconscious.

** Read this post with only the bolded statements for some actual good advice.


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