Turn Your Twitter Profile Into an Instant Infographic!

by Eric Melin on April 24, 2012

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Visual.ly has designed a cool bit of technology and graphic design that allows you to create your own infographic in about 30 seconds. It’s a quick Twitter account analyzer and an automatic infographic-generator rolled into one.

Three reasons why turning your Twitter profile into an instant infographic is pretty freaking cool:

1. Infographics continue to be all the rage because they give us statistics in an easy-to-swallow, attractive format.
2. People love to feel important.
3. People don’t like to wait.

Just for fun, I plugged in my own personal Twitter account (@SceneStealrEric) and compared it to the @Spiral16 Twitter profile, which I also run. I selected the color of my eyes, basic hairstyle, and facial hair — then entered the two accounts, and I was done. VoilĂ ! I’ve got my own personalized Twitter infographic.

What it got right personally:
Geeky grin – Yep, I’m generally an upbeat person
Rocker – Yep, I’ve been playing in bands for many years and I’m a professional air guitarist (no kidding!)
Likely obsession, Movies – Yep, I’m a film critic with my own website

What it got right professionally:
Geeky grin – Yep, I keep the company Twitter profile upbeat and friendly
Designer – Yep, we are a technology company (web and social media monitoring, to be exact)
Likely obsession, Reading – Yep, the company Twitter profile is constantly tweeting helpful social media advice from all over the web

Spiral16 is listed as “more social” and a “bigger retweeter,” which makes total sense. After all, I try to support other people by curating their great social media tips as well. But I have to say, I’m wondering why my personal Twitter profile is “more interesting.” I’m noticing that the ratio here is very close, but I’m wondering what measurement is used to find this out? It has to have something to do with retweets. On the other hand, Spiral16 gets retweeted more than I do … so I’m not sure about this one.

The word cloud and its overlap at the bottom is pretty fun too. It’s nice to know I’m using “awesome” a lot in both places — ha! (And that’s why “ha” shows up; I use it instead of “lol,” which I hate.) I’m also thinking they probably only analyze tweets as far back as two weeks, which is as far back as Twitter makes tweets searchable (if something is not already displayed on a profile). Another hint: I’ve only been posting about the “kcfilmfest” and the “Hulk” in the last couple weeks. (I blogged about the film festival and I’m … ahem … kind of geeked for The Avengers next week!) Now, I wouldn’t base an entire social media campaign on this data, but it’s pretty fun!

Ready to try it yourself? Turn your Twitter account into an instant infographic here.

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