Social Media Impact on Travel Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Melin on July 2, 2012

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Social travel is blowing up.

Social media is fundamentally changing the way people plan and experience their vacation and travel plans. According to, 85% of travelers use social media while on vacation, and 70% of travelers upload photos to Facebook while traveling.

Travelers are now using social media to find travel deals and the popularity of smartphones has made mobile apps indispensable to the modern social traveler. Almost one-third of social media users have used a mobile app to find better prices for hotels and flights, and at least 15% have downloaded an app specific to a certain trip, according to a survey by Lab42.

The adoption rate for social media in the travel industry is extremely high. Another infographic shows that over 70% of travel marketers are using social media to build their brands. In addition, 45% of travel marketers are confident of having unlocked useful data to measure ROI on their social media strategies.

The tourism industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth. Nothing has changed in that regard, but social media sites allow travelers to give recommendations, leave reviews, and talk about their experiences online for everyone to see. Social networking is one of the most powerful forces when it comes to travel and vacation planning, and this social media infographic from Four Pillar Hotels drives that point home pretty well.

Check out and download the social media infographic: Social Media Impact on the Travel Industry

Source: Four Pillar Hotels

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