Do Social Media Conferences Have Personalities? [CASE STUDY]

by Eric Melin on August 17, 2012

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Which social media conference(s) will you be attending this year?

One common way to make your decision on which conferences you’re interested in is to look at the speakers and agendas. What topics are they covering? Can this be helpful to your business? What kind of networking opportunities are available?

Another way would be to point an advanced social/web monitoring and research platform like Spiral16 at each conference and examine the web presence of each one. What are people saying online? Who’s saying it? How are the news media covering it?

Influence is a key element in social—and achieving influence is a goal of professional conferences, especially ones that revolve around social media. By analyzing the character of the social conversations spurred on by social media conferences, it’s easy to see how each conference develops its own personality.

As part of the myriad case studies leading up to the 2012 Pivot Conference, Pivot asked us to do some research. The 2011 Social Media Conferences Case Study is an analysis of five leading social media conferences that took place in 2011.

BlogWorld, WOMMA, LeWeb, SXSW Interactive, and Pivot were analyzed for a period of several months both preceding and extending beyond the physical 2011 event itself. Our findings produce a rich portrait of conversations spawned by each event. The data spans blogs, videos, social networks, news releases, and more to capture the fullest possible picture of the landscape.

You can download the entire case study for free, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Topic analysis shows that WOMMA and BlogWorld lead with content, LeWeb with next-generation technology, and Pivot and SXSW with social.
  • WOMMA has a heavy focus on social and brands, yet branches off into word-of-mouth and traditional customer engagement.
  • Pivot’s list is singularly on social, in keeping with the conference’s focus and is the only list to include analytics and research.
  • BlogWorld and LeWeb conversation were both heavily dominated by blog conversations.
  • SXSW spans social topics and emerging technology.
  • LeWeb spawns a diverse stream of conversation surrounding next-gen tech photo apps, operating systems, music and more.

The 2011 Social Media Conferences Case Study


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