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by Michelle Lamar on August 21, 2012

Pinterest 5 Mins for Mom

Moms play a huge part in the rise of niche social network Pinterest.  According to the Nielsen report The Digital Lives of American Moms, savvy social media moms are 61 percent more likely to visit Pinterest than average American.

The Nielsen study reported that Mom visits to Pinterest accounted for 4.9 million views in March 2012, making it the most-visited site among American moms for the month. While it’s no secret that moms are active and influential users of social media, the influence of Moms using Pinterest is dramatic. Plus, looking at how some of these influetial Moms use Pinterest might spark something to help your company think about how to use Pinterest better!

Spiral16 is on Pinterest with one board dedicated to Social Media Moms. Social Marketing intern Allie Snelius and I are Pinterest addicts users so we are having a blast combining work with our obsession.  We have a growing number of moms on our Must Follow Pinterest List, but below are two of our favorites:

Susan & Janet (5 Minutes for Mom)

Janice Croze and Susan Carraretto are identical twins, work-at-home-moms, and founders of  5 Minutes for Mom, one of the top mom blogs on the web. The sisters are a powerful influence in the digital media community, with the Wall Street Journal listing their blog as one of the Top Mom Blogs on the Web. Janice and Susan always seem to be one step ahead of the pack and the sisters’ integration of Pinterest into 5 Minutes for Mom is an example of their innovative approach.

5 Minutes for Mom offers a Pin It Friday feature and the blog contains many helpful articles on how to use Pinterest. Check out the sisters’ Pinterest boards Susan & Janet (5 Minutes for Mom) or follow them on Twitter @5minutesformom

Angry Julie

Julie is a savvy social media maven and mom who takes amazing photographs. Julie is one of the coolest moms on the web and has been a featured speaker at BlogHerMom 2.0 Summit and other top conferences on blogging. Julie was hired for her photography skills for Bloggy Boot Camps, SocialLuxe Lounge at BlogHer10, and  Blissdom11′.

From hosting a local Pinterest party with other bloggers to providing resources for Pinterest and Instagram tips — Angry Julie walks the walk of an online influencer.

Follow Angry Julie on Pinterest–you’ll be addicted immediately. Allie is obsessed with Angry Julie’s Hello Kitty Pinterest Board while my personal favorite is Flamingo is the New Black.

You can read more about Julie on her blog AngryJulieMonday or follow her on Twitter at @AngryJulie.

Image source: 5 Minutes for MomAngry Julie – Pinterest

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