Top 5 Star Wars Disney Internet Trends

by Eric Melin on October 31, 2012

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After Disney and George Lucas announced yesterday that the Mouse was buying Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and would continue to make Star Wars movies, games, TV shoes, etc. for the next 100 years, the reaction on the web was swift and judgmental.

You can’t just take multiple generations’ childhoods, after all, and merge those characters with another already established brand all willy-nilly! (You mean like Disney/Marvel? Oops. Well, that actually worked out great for everybody.)

Anyway, we have our fair share of Star Wars-obsessed employees, so we pointed the Spiral16 web monitoring platform at the Disney Star Wars trend to see what kinds of trends emerged and this is what we found:

Twitter was the number-one most-used site to talk about the Disney takeover, making up 25% of the total discussion on the web since yesterday. The second-biggest site was YouTube, which featured not only tons of user-created content (although I have to say the “Hitler finds out” meme is getting pretty old), but also was utilized by both Disney and Lucas to send out videos after the news broke.

Here are the Top 5 stories from the web:

1. Fans worried, but acknowledging that the Lucas-directed prequels could have been a lot better.

2. People making Disney/Star Wars title mashups, such as Snow White and the Seven EwoksHoney, I Shrunk the Jawas!, and Finding Lando. My favorite old-school Star Wars meme, Disney-fied was: “It’s a parent trap!” In addition, there were tons of Photoshop mashups. This one was, by far, the best:

3. Fans hoping that the old trilogy makes a comeback. Could the acquisition mean that the original versions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi might get released on Blu-ray now rather than the CGI-enhanced versions Lucasfilm has on the market now?

4. Fans scared that Disney has a bad track record and will ruin the franchise.

5. Some people were very upbeat about the takeover, pointing to Disney’s handling of Marvel and Pixar.

Do you fall into any of the above categories or do you even care about the Disney-Lucasfilm acquisition?

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