Applying Value of a Facebook Fan to Your Digital Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Melin on November 27, 2012

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This morning I found this Brand Talking social media infographic that discusses the value of a Facebook fan, and I think it’s fantastic, but not because it actually calculates the value of a Facebook fan. Here’s why.

Rather than putting some BS metric together (like Fans + Friends of Fans/People Talking About This = Active Fans) and recommending that companies and marketers push it upward towards their CEO to justify their social media spend, this infographic says what many people are afraid to admit:

The value of a Facebook fan is what you make of it.

Now let’s take this a step further and go beyond Facebook. This concept can be applied across all of your digital marketing, not just Facebook fans. It’s the reason that Twitter followers are also useless — unless you have clear objectives and a plan for engagement that relates to your business goals.

Looking at the six points on this infographic is a good way to start mapping out an overall social media strategy for your company, not just on Facebook. After all, you don’t want to limit your social marketing to only one platform.

Benchmarking your digital presence — which this infographic lists as #6 — should actually be the first step. Then think about your business and come up with objectives that are directly related to your business goals — not your social goals. Monitoring data throughout your campaign will help you make decisions as it continues. Are you meeting your short-term goals? How does this affect your long-term goals? Do you need to revise your strategy?

Too many social media marketers are convinced there is an easy way out when it comes to successful social strategies, but the value of a fan or follower comes from you turning them into an advocate. How you do that should be customized for each company. The important thing is to keep track of everything along the way and make sure the metrics you are measuring relate specifically to your objectives.


Image: Brand Talking

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