How to Avoid Cyber Monday – Black Friday Scams [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Melin on November 20, 2012

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Christmas shopping begins earlier and earlier each year, and while Black Sunday has morphed from a one-day discounted shopping spree into sales that last up to a couple of weeks, Cyber Monday has been coming on strong.

It especially helps that you don’t have to wait in long lines and get into shoving matches with crowds on Cyber Monday, but that’s just me. Maybe some shoppers prefer the — ahem — pageantry of in-person Black Friday madness.

Maarket research firm Lab42 surveyed 500 shoppers and found that:

  • 35% like the adrenaline rush of Black Friday and 24% usually shop before 6am
  • 33% prefer purchasing Christmas gifts on Cyber Monday and 19% will bargain hunt at work

What’s interesting is that Cyber Monday was a marketing gimmick invented in 2005 by Since almost $1.25 billion was spent on Cyber Monday in 2011, I’d say the gimmick is here to stay.

There’s a bunch of Cyber Monday/Black Friday infographics out there, but the one that I found the most interesting was this one, which aims to protect both consumers and retail companies from hackers and spammers. What’s dangerous is that there are hacker sites who will price something considerably lower than it appears anywhere else in an attempt to lure shoppers into entering their credit card information.

Cyber Monday is also a perfect time for links that trick users into downloading malware by spamming some of the most-often-searched-for terms. Sometimes the attack is browser-specific, and your Firefox or Explorer might prompt you to download a fake Flash player or give you a fake virus/malware notification. Here’s some more tips on how to be careful on Cyber Monday:


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