Which Brands Have Black Friday Buzz?

by Eric Melin on November 21, 2012

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Black Friday is almost upon us and retailers are gearing up for a projected 3.1% increase in sales from last year.

It seems like the web is about to explode with Black Friday information as retailers race to get their messages out to the masses and consumers search for the best deals and one-day sales.

Why is it awesome to work here? Because I get to run my own web research studies at my whim!

Using the comprehensive Spiral16 web monitoring platform, I ran a quick one-week search of the web (blogs, social, forums, news sites, shopping, etc.) with “black friday” as a perfect match — and discovered that some products and brands are pretty synonymous with Black Friday.

I was actually a little surprised to find that Target came up organically in the most number of posts about Black Friday (19%). Good on them, because there’s all this hubub surrounding a supposed WalMart strike. WalMart came in second, appearing in 17% of all results for Black Friday, while online retailer Amazon was a distant third with 8%, but part of that is in tandem with the Kindle (4%).

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As far as products and brands that are being mentioned in tandem with Black Friday, Apple‘s iPad has everything beat. The term “iPad” leads all products (11%), while “Apple” leads all brands with 10%. Apparently, Apple’s secretive Black Friday sale is creating quite the buzz. The iPhone is also a popular Black Friday item, coming in on 6% of the relevant results from across the web.

Nearest competitors for a piece of the Black Friday pie are all tech-related, which is no surprise. Those ever-present Samsung Galaxy ads must be working because those terms came in at 7% and 5% respectively. The Xbox can claim to have 5% of the organic Black Friday conversation, while the Kindle is the last word in the Top 200, at 4%.

Most-Used Terms In Descending Order:
Target 19%
WalMart 17%
iPad 11%
Apple 10%
Amazon 8%
Samsung 7%
iPhone 6%
tablet 6%
Galaxy 5%
Xbox 5%
Kindle 4%

What are you excited about for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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