Mobile Adoption Helps Social Media Usage Skyrocket [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Melin on December 5, 2012

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Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, the increasing popularity of mobile phones with Internet connectivity has only made the use of social media grow even more.

According to a new study by NM Incite, the “total time spent on social media in the U.S. across PCs and mobile devices increased 37% to 121 billion minutes in July 2012, compared to 88 billion in July 2011.”

20% of consumers’ total time online while using using PCs was spent on social networks, but for those using mobile devices, the percentage of time spent on social sites was even higher — 30%.

From the report: “The skyrocketing adoption of social media continues to offer consumers in the U.S. and around the world new and meaningful ways to engage with the people, events and brands that matter to them. The implications are huge for brands and marketers because every facet of business – from purchase behavior to advertising effectiveness – is impacted by the social media evolution.”

With consumers spending more time consuming social content on mobile phones and apps, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Pinterest have grown considerably since 2011. Check out the social media infographic below for details. Twitter’s audience has shown a huge amount of growth year-over-year, especially since it’s not a new platform: On mobile apps (+134%) and the mobile web (+140%).

How will this affect your social media strategy? It will be interesting to see similar statistics next year with the widespread adoption of tablets that will happen this Christmas….


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