Santa’s Naughty List – 7 Social Media Mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Melin on December 10, 2012

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As Christmas approaches and another year of social media marketing and learning comes to a close, it’s a time to reflect on 2012.

It’s been a big year for social media, with time spent on social media in the U.S. across PCs and mobile devices increasing 37% to 121 billion minutes.

This means more people than ever are interacting with businesses and brands through social media. According to The State of Social Media Marketing 2012, 83% of consumers are looking for deals, 70% want to get involved in loyalty or rewards programs, 58% want special content, and 55% want to offer feedback on, new/unreleased products.

Even with these expectations, it’s easy to fall behind or fall short on your social media engagement strategy if you’re not diligent.

This social media infographic from PDR Web Solutions highlights some of the more common social media marketing mistakes (the naughty list) and five tips (the nice list) to keep in mind for 2013. It also includes some pretty great screenshot examples of how not to interact with your customers and followers via social media. Being one of those anti-bad grammar types, the last example in this infographic is pretty awesome (or sad, I guess). Ha!

Anyway, this is a quick, easy read and it’s a good reminder to remember heading into 2013. (Click on the infographic for a larger image.)

What else should be on this ‘naughty and nice’ social media management list?

common-social-media-mistakes-infographicImage: PDR Web Solutions




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