Does Your Company Have a Social Media Blind Spot? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Eric Melin on January 3, 2013

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The new year is here and everybody is returning back to work, hope fully with a new vigor and determination to use social media to grow their business.

We have lots of new and exciting developments on the way here at Spiral16, and I’m excited to talk more about the new ways we’ll be able to help companies measure their social presence and come up with actionable intelligence that can help them improve marketing and sales.

If Zeno Group‘s new Digital Readiness Survey is any indication, 2013 could still prove to be an uphill climb or even a blind spot for small businesses and B2B businesses. According to this survey, a shocking 43% of B2B companies admit that their CEOs “never consider” their social media reputation when making decisions, while 30% of B2C companies say the same thing.

Alternately, however, only 10% of organizations polled won’t take any action to address a damaging article or social media post. The first statistics seems really high, but even as a sampling, they are worth bringing up.

Managing your online reputation isn’t some fly-by-night thing, and companies that don’t at least get a handle on their reputation could easily get blindsided in 2013. What’s more , businesses are learning more and more valuable intel from their competitors and customers every day by monitoring and measuring social media and the online space.

Does your company have a social media blind spot? Will you be paying attention in 2013?

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Image: Zeno Group

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