Dating, Sexting & Banging: Social Media for Valentine’s Day

by Eric Melin on February 14, 2013

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Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter where you are in the relationship spectrum, it seems that social media has got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for that special someone, experimenting with naughty pictures, or ready to skip all that and get down to business, there’s an app for that.

Of course, this Valentine’s Day, it’s the more risque social apps that are making all the noise. But let’s take it slow before we work our way into more heated territory.


Mobile dating apps like Tinder are location-based, anonymous apps that find people that live near you that it thinks you may like. Logging on through Facebook shows you a profile with a picture, age, location, plus mutual friends and interests.

If you “like” the way they look and they “like” you, you both can chat within the app itself. Tinder is an iPhone app that’s growing in popularity, especially with college students.

Let’s Date is essentially the same concept but without the anonymity. Through your Facebook profile, you create a “dater card” of your interests. Like each other, chat through the app, and set up a date.

What’s weird is that people can leave feedback after dates and earn badges. Yikes! I don’t think being a top-rated seller with 1,000 satisfied customers means the same thing on Let’s Date as it does on eBay.

If these apps seem too general, there are a bunch of interest-specific dating apps. But be warned, these are REALLY specific. SeaCaptainDate, SinglesWithFoodAllergies, WomenBehindBars, and DarwinDating, for instance, are not  jokes.


Twitter’s new microvideo-sharing Vine app wasn’t originally launched so people could send short, sexy videos to each other, but last week, Twitter added a 17+ rating to Vine because that’s exactly what’s happening. And when I say “sexy” of course I mean pornographic. The hashtag #porn and similar searches have been disabled, but other suggestive keywords will do the trick.

Snapchat is a mobile app that says it allows you to share an image or video that disappears after a few seconds. Facebook Poke was launched soon thereafter with the same idea. The idea is that you can share an unfiltered thought or image (sexting anyone?) without any evidence it ever existed. The problem? Nothing ever really self-destructs on the Internet. Bad idea.

bang with friendsBanging 

I guess it was all leading towards this: Bang With Friends, branded the “evilest app ever.” This app connects you with all your Facebook friends on a private board (designed to look a lot like Pinterest). You can browse all your Facebook friends on this page and decide which one you are “down to bang.”

Once you have privately clicked on a friends’ image, his/her status changes to “awaiting bang” but that person (or cartoon rabbit) is NOT notified that you want to bang them. Once they have also independently clicked on your picture without any notification, you will both receive an email from (classy!) that says “It’s bangin’ time!”

Even then, the person’s identity is still a mystery until you log back into Bang With Friends, find out who it is, and send them a message to — ahem — schedule an appointment. There’s always a downside with this privacy stuff, though, isn’t there? Three reasons Bang With Friends isn’t really private:

  • If you don’t have your privacy settings set correctly, the app posts on your Facebook page to let everyone know you’re using it.
  • Also, “Facebook lets people accessing the app see which of their friends are already using it, BEFORE having the option to authorize it themselves.”
  • A Facebook Graph Search will reveal who is using or liking Bang With Friends.

bang-with-friends-app-emailBecause it doesn’t signal the other user, I think Bang With Friends fails for single people who can’t get past the awkwardness of making the first move. Maybe it really is evil, however, and its real use comes in helping people who are already comfortable being forward with their sexuality have secret trysts together.

Have you used any of the apps above? And if you have, would you feel comfortable revealing it publicly?

…and finally, all this talk about banging got us thinking about a classic viral video. Here’s our Valentine’s Day gift to you:

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