What Social Media Statistics Taught Us in 2013

by John Peterson on January 3, 2014

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In a recent blog post, we discussed a few of trends/predictions for 2014 in social media. Many of them make sense due to the numbers listed below from statistics in 2013.

Here is some of what we learned from social media statistics in 2013:

  • “Selfie” claimed the title of Oxford Dictionaries 2013 Word of the Year, maybe because there over 35 million of them posted to Instagram. Thanks to all of the duck-faces around the world!
  • People like animals, users on Pinterest especially like L.L. Bean’s Woodland Creatures Board, AKA if you want attention throw a beaver (maybe not a beaver) in your post.
  • Snapchat was offered a pile of cash Walter White would be jealous of  and turned it down. They also recently found out that their data can be hacked. We will have to see if there will be repercussions on users’ trust and such in the new year.
  • Learn how to use Pinterest! More leads are being developed through it to e-commerce sites than on Facebook or other mediums. If you are selling visual is the way to go.
  • Look for branded and other forms of ads as a way to integrate into audiences’ lives. Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more are all making pushes for it in 2013.
  • If they have Facebook, there’s a 95% chance that they log into their account daily. I guess FOMO is real!
  • Google+ adds 25,000 new users every day. Don’t let the stats fool you though. Google+ is connected to gmail. So the moment someone sets up a new gmail account, they have a Google+ account whether they want it or not.
What statistics did you find surprising in 2013 and what changes do you see coming in 2014? Let us know!


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