Disney’s Snapventure Showcases Snapchat’s Relationship Building Opportunity

by John Peterson on May 23, 2014

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In an effort to join emerging media and connect with fans, Disney Parks have joined the ephemeral photo-sharing service Snapchat.

The announced their joining of the new platform and let it grow by word of mouth. Once a few days passed and their number of audience members had grown, Disney added a snap story asking viewers to prepare for their 24 hour Snapventure taking place Friday May 23, 2014 at both their Disneyland and Disney World parks. Disney even told the audiences about the two popular Snapchat artists who guided audiences through the parks, Shonduras and Mplatco.

The campaign aligns with Disney’s “Rock Your Disney Side” event where patrons are asked to dress up like any Disney character and join in with pirates, princesses, villains and such for a 24 hour period at the parks. From 6 AM, May 23, 2014 to 6 AM, May 24, 2014 the parks are open for patrons to join in on the 24 hour party.

Disney is just one of many brands who have joined Snapchat, it will be interesting to see how other brands choose to engage in Snapchat or avoid it all together. With over 4.6 million members and 350 million photos shared everyday, this messaging service is sure to be a high priority soon for many brands worldwide. Many might say that Snapchat isn’t worth their time or that the return on investment isn’t there, but they might want to rethink it.

During this campaign their audience has transition from viewing the snaps to now talking about and sharing them on other mediums such as Twitter. The typical Disney experience is meant for families with young children, but this experience has been tailored for another audience. Snapchat’s demographics range from middle school (likely) all the way up to college and beyond. These aren’t young kids, these are young adults or even adults reliving some of their favorite moments from Disney Parks. Multiple times individuals have mention how much they miss the park.

I am curious about what Disney’s long-term strategy will be once this 24 hour campaign is over. As for now, you can follow this custom twitter timeline highlighting reactions from the past 7 days after Disney announced joining Snapchat.

If you would like to join the adventure and receive the snaps directly from the Disneyland and Disney World Parks follow the steps in the following infographic. What’s great about this is Disney expected some audience members to be completely new to the application (which some were) and created a quick guide on how to get started. Other brands take note, not everyone is comfortable with the newest emerging media, walking them through and reducing their uncertainty is an excellent tactic.

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