Spiral16 Board of Directors

Wayne Auer, Chairman
Wayne Auer is a 25-year veteran in technology companies. He has started multiple successful software and technology companies that continue to grow and thrive today. Wayne is the current President and CEO of Cactus Software, a company that provides healthcare credentialing  and provider management solutions for hospitals and managed-care organizations. In addition, in 1985 Wayne founded Knowledge Bank, a company that provided custom software applications to a variety of large customers and was acquired by Aegis Consumer Finance. In his role as Chairman of Spiral16, Wayne brings not only a strong foundation of leadership, but also in-depth strategic business focus for the company as it builds, develops and continues to refine its software and solutions for customers.

John T Stewart III, Director
John T. Stewart III is an experienced business leader, executive and investor. John’s numerous credentials include CEO of Stewart Companies and Managing Member of Stewart Farms, LLC.  He is presently a director of INTRUST Financial Corporation and chairman of several community banks.  Past financial involvements include President and CEO of GEC Corporation and a director of Cessna Aircraft Company.  John actively supports many community and educational organizations in Kansas. He was past Chairman of the Kansas University Endowment Association, where he still serves as a Trustee. Also, John was the Chairman and founder of the Kansas Health Foundation. His contributions to Spiral16 include strategy and financial leadership as well as business development with his numerous business contacts throughout the nation.

Deric Stewart, Director and Executive Vice President
Deric Stewart is a founding partner in Spiral16 with 25 years of experience in banking, finance and investor relations. He serves on the boards of First National Bank of Wellington, Ks. and Caldwell State Bank in Caldwell, Ks. Already a successful entrepreneur in commercial real estate, Deric co-founded QuickerTouch, a mobile-marketing company that specializes in text messaging, in 2006. This venture led to the founding and development of Spiral16 and its technology, which focuses on gathering intelligence for businesses and helping them use it strategically. At Spiral16, Deric serves as Executive Vice President and leverages his knowledge of financial and legal transactions to assist with the development of legal documents and various customer, vendor and investor contracts.

Tracy Panko, Director and CEO
Tracy Panko joined Spiral16 as CEO in November 2009.  She was added to the board of directors as Secretary in December 2009.  A strategic leader with a clear sense of vision, Panko has sharpened Spiral16’s brand message, propelled focused development of the company’s premier social media monitoring and business intelligence gathering solutions, and expanded the platform’s subscribers. Panko is a creative thinker with a track record of success. As CEO of both established companies and start-up operations, she has launched over $50 million of successful new products, developed specific market-growth strategies, negotiated strategic alliances, and led nationally dispersed sales teams to profitable growth. Recently, as a partner with Mid America Capital, she led the acquisition and growth of multiple companies before leaving to take on yet another challenge to lead the team at Spiral16.

David Churchman, Director and CFO
David Churchman has been the CFO at Spiral 16 since mid-2009 and joined the board as treasurer in December 2009. David has more than 25 years of hands-on accomplishments in leadership, financial and cash management, investor relations and acquisitions. Additionally, he has demonstrated strengths in achieving organic growth in revenues and profitability. David’s background enables him to assess and reconcile the different perspectives of the management and operating functions of a business with the financial accounting necessary to meet investor and external reporting requirements.