Let Spiral16 be Your Research Partner

Companies all over the world are mining the Internet for targeted data that will help them drive business. There is tons of useful information on the web, and it’s up to companies to use business intelligence tools like Spiral16 to find it. Our goal here at Spiral16 is to bring in the best possible data from all over the web to help our clients realize their objectives.

Whether you are monitoring online mentions for market research, brand management, competitive intelligence, or any other tightly-defined plan of action, you don’t want spam sites and non-relevant results clouding up your data sets. It’s a waste of time and resources. Your effectiveness depends on proficient use of relevant information.

That’s why we’ve developed a multi-tiered, flexible approach to finding the most relevant data in the digital space, as defined by your own specific parameters.

Spiral16 Web Monitoring - Corrosive Reach of One Negative Blog Post

Branch Out – Search More Than Social Media
We search the publicly-available web as whole, not just social media. Most social media monitoring systems only cover websites with a social media component, but a more well-rounded view of the web is necessary in order to build any digital strategy. Spiral16 imports RSS feeds directly and uses trusted data partners like other systems do, but we also scour the web like a search engine, indexing the most relevant content for each client’s needs.

Spiral16 Best Quality of Social Data

Go Beyond Search Strings
First-time users can use our DIY Query Builder with a guided setup wizard to craft search strings that use keywords, operators, and exceptions. Those with more experience can go straight to our Advanced Query Builder and put together ridiculously specific Boolean search strings (over 1,000 clauses) to narrow down your topic even more.

On top of that, however, Spiral16 goes even farther, using natural language processing to analyze the text on every relevant page. In that way, the platform is looking at search strings only as the first qualifying step. Knowing the amount of relevant words on any given page allows you to hone in on stricter key concepts.

Spiral16 lets you control your social data

Define What is Relevant to You
You know your company better than an algorithm does, but if you train that algorithm to look for the words (beyond the search string) that make a result contextually relevant, you can get better results in all of your web data sets. Spiral16 gives you the ability to train the system to accept or reject material based on the input you have given. Each individual search can be trained separately, and you can create as many searches as there needs to be to build a thorough, well-balanced data set.

What’s more, the platform gives you the freedom to analyze data with a maximum amount of flexibility. You can compare the most strict, limited sets of data to each other or look at a wider, more general perspective.

Spiral16 Automated Data Qualification

Automate and Refine
Once you have trained the Spiral16 system, you can set relevancy scores for each specific search and everything is automated going forward. As your results start coming in, the scores can be adjusted to find that best threshold of relevance.

Spiral16 combines its own leading-edge web monitoring software and over 20 years of marketing and analysis experience to give your company the insight it needs to manage your reputation, evaluate your marketing direction, and measure your competition.

Find out why Spiral16 isn’t just a monitoring tool, we’re a research partner. Schedule a demo today!