Spiral16 Leadership Team

Tracy Panko, CEO
Tracy Panko, Spiral16 CEOTracy Panko is a strategic leader with a clear sense of vision. She is a creative thinker with a track record of success. As CEO of both established companies and start-up operations, Tracy has launched over $50 million of successful new products, developed specific market-growth strategies, negotiated strategic alliances, and led nationally dispersed sales teams to profitable growth. Prior to Spiral16, Panko was a Managing Partner of a successful software company and has served as CEO of other emerging growth companies. She is a popular speaker on the subjects of business innovation, social media, and technology.

Deric Stewart, Executive Vice President
Deric Stewart, EVPDeric Stewart is a founding partner in Spiral16 with 25 years of experience in banking, finance and investor relations. As Executive Vice President, he leverages his knowledge of financial and legal transactions to assist with the development of legal documents and various customer, vendor, and investor contracts. Deric also plays a key role in business development operations.

David Churchman, CFO
David Churchman, CFOWith more than 25 years of hands-on accomplishments in leadership, financial and cash management, investor relations and acquisitions, David is an integral part of the Spiral16 team. He has a proven track record in achieving organic growth in revenues and profitability. Additionally, David’s background enables him to assess and reconcile the different perspectives of the management and operating functions of a business with the financial accounting necessary to meet investor and external reporting requirements.

Aaron Weber, Product Architect
Aaron Weber, Product Architect & Lead DesignIn addition to an extensive background in research and design, Aaron brings over 11 years of social data experience to the product development side of data and analytics, along with a commitment to an exceptional customer experience. He is often disheveled and overly-caffeinated, and splits his time between development, design, and public speaking. Aaron’s frank and irreverent take on social media and how Big Data can be leveraged has helped him become a frequent and popular speaker for industry events and social conferences looking for business case based discussions over platitudes and evangelism.

Eric Melin, Marketing and Communications Manager
Eric Melin, Spiral16 Marketing CommunicationsA managing editor and content creator with seven years experience, Eric manages and leverages the company’s social media profiles. He uses the Spiral16 platform for brand monitoring and competitive intelligence, as well as creating multimedia content for the Spiral16 website, blog, and sales materials. Eric’s media and communications background comes through in his case studies and dynamic on-target presentations for new and existing clients.