Spiral16 charges per topic, not by number of results obtained. This means you get unlimited results with no increase in price.

Platform Access starts at $1,000/month and includes:

  • 24/7 access to the Spiral16 monitoring platform for up to 2 users
  • Initial listening strategy development and topic setup
  • Spiral16 analytics team will build and manage searches
  • Custom noise and spam filtering for each search
  • Unlimited access to training webinars, user manual, help videos
  • Ongoing hands­‐on customer support from our analytics team

Actionable Analytics Reports

Spiral16 offers 3 levels of Actionable Analytics reporting. A Spiral16 report is not a subscription or an automatically generated email. All reports are customized for the client by our analytics team, and contain contextual analysis based on specific needs.

All reporting packages include all of the Platform Access features above, plus:

  • Customized Actionable Analytics reporting from one of three levels
  • Data quality assurance and cleanup by analytics team

Snapshot Overview Report
This entry-level one-topic report gives a general overview of the brand or research topic, including information about who on the web is talking about the brand, what they are saying, and where they are saying it.

Multi‐Topic Report
The Multi-Topic report increases the scope of the search to include a brand topic plus competitive intelligence on up to 3 competitors. For uses outside of competitive intelligence, this report compares up to four related topics.

Premium Report
This is a highly customized report that can include multiple products, brands, competitors, and/or customized research projects as well as analysis and recommendations, based on the unique needs and requests of your business. From tip to tail, Spiral16 will design and manage your project with the objective of answering specific questions through deep analysis of the web data.

For a custom quote, shoot us a quick message, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

As you get further into the discovery process, if you find there are more topics you would like to research or that additional queries are needed to narrow down your topic and produce more specific results, we offer additional services designed to fit your needs and your budget.

Please note that we realize there’s not one pricing model to suit every need. If you are not sure or if you need something customized, please send us a note and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible to figure out a solution that fits you perfectly.


We’re so confident that you’ll like our product that we guarantee it. That’s right. Regardless of the duration of contract you sign with us, if you use the tool and don’t like it after 90 days, we’ll let you out of the balance of your contract – no strings attached.