Analysis and Consulting Services

Besides giving you 24-hour access to our web and social monitoring platform—which allows you to export results at any time in multiple formats—Spiral16 also offers a full set of options for customized data analysis and reporting. Whichever route you choose, our experienced analytics team will guide you through all steps of the process.

Actionable Analytics

Spiral16 Customized Actionable Analytics Spiral16 combines its own leading-edge web monitoring software and over 20 years of marketing and analysis experience to give your company the insight it needs to manage your reputation, evaluate your marketing direction, and measure your competition. Actionable Analytics data analysis and reporting services offer a solution for companies and brands to interpret what social media and online data means for their business.

We know that every social media manager, CMO, and brand manager has a different goal, so Spiral16 offers multiple levels of Actionable Analytics reporting for clients.

Actionable Analytics reports are not automatically generated emails. All reports are customized for the client by our analytics team, and include a wide-ranging set of client-specific statistics and recommendations, as well as a mix of benchmarking stats and contextual analysis to save you time and money.

Using targeted data pulled in by Spiral16’s comprehensive web monitoring platform, Actionable Analytics reports give brands and businesses valuable insights, customized trend reports, and recommendations that will help drive business.

There are three levels of Actionable Analytics based on common customer goals, but every business is different. Let us be your research partner and we’ll set something up based on your goals and objectives!

For a sample report in your industry, just email us at or fill out our contact form.