The Software

Spiral16 scours the Internet to bring back the most relevant information on any topic so that businesses can make smart decisions based on real data.

Search the Web, Not Just Social Media
A well-rounded view of the web is needed to build any digital strategy, so Spiral16 brings back results that go beyond social media. In addition to social, we find relevant blogs, news sites, review sites, message boards, forums, reference and directories, shopping sites, videos, and more.

Better Breadth and Quality of Data
Irrelevant results cloud up data sets and waste your time. We believe in quality over sheer volume. Our unique correlation process allows you to control the relevancy of your data, and our analysts are here to support you as you continue to narrow your focus. Click the icon below to see the difference!

The Services

“Companies today simply cannot survive without metrics, objectives, analytics data and actionable information.”

Social Media Metrics: How To Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment, Jim Sterne

There is a wealth of useful information on the Internet and companies need help making sense of it all. Spiral16 is the full-service solution for turning that data into critical information that will inform every facet of your company, from marketing strategies to product development.

Spiral16 services give you the competitive edge with custom reports that are tailor-made to your business objectives. Our experienced analytics team works with you at every step, including search strategy, ongoing consultation, and contextual analysis of the data based on your needs. Click below!