Turn Online Data Into Business Intelligence

Spiral16 provides a robust software platform for Internet tracking, analysis, and reporting. Whether its brand monitoring, lead generation, or competitive intelligence, we give companies the key insights they need to make smarter decisions and gain a competitive edge. Our standard offering comes with an unparalleled level of customer support and dashboard metrics delivered to your inbox.

spiral16-custom-dashboard-reportCustom Dashboard Reports
Each brand or campaign will have a different set of metrics that are linked to their goals and objectives. Spiral16 wants you to have those metrics when you need them. Custom Dashboard Reports allow you to put them on a regular schedule and have them delivered right to your email inbox.

You choose the metrics you want and the frequency you receive them and you’ll receive volume changes, highs, and averages, as well as sentiment changes since the last period—in addition to full-color graphics and live links to the platform where you can delve deeper into each insight.

While many industry reports are lists Excel spreadsheets, Spiral16 Custom Dashboard Reports contain full-color graphics that can be used in the reports you build for your clients or bosses. If you want to export in Word, Excel, or PDF, you can do that too from the platform, but your Dashboard Report will deliver the highlights right to you in an easy-to-read format.

Create Your Own Dashboard
Populate your dashboard with the metrics you need so the newest results are always at your fingertips. Our platform also allows the most sorting and filtering options on the market so you can divide and conquer, maximizing your insight.

Semantic Analysis
Spiral16 scrapes, analyzes, and organizes the semantic composition of URLs, understands what words are being used most frequently in relation to user-specific topic and discovers emerging trends about clients’ topics.

Spiral16 can help you discover:

Business Data Analyzed by Spiral16Make Sense of it All—Not Just Social Media

Clients can access their real-time data at any time for up-to-the-minute insight and take advantage of in-depth intelligence gathered from all over the web—not just social media. Fortune 500 companies, advertising and PR agencies, and brands and businesses of all sizes use our monitoring software to help them:

  • Discover trends and identify engagement targets
  • Monitor corporate/brand identity
  • Measure campaigns, product launches and sentiment
  • Increase brand equity and customer loyalty
  • Provide stellar customer service
  • Conduct research and do competitive analysis
  • Generate leads and close new business
  • Manage crises

Relevant Data You Can Use
Why pay for spam or irrelevant results and then waste time sorting through it? Our unique correlation process allows you to control the relevancy of your data.

Pricing That Makes Sense
Our flexible pricing plan means you’re not paying more money just because you have more results. Clients get support and training from our analytics team at no extra cost.

Find out why Spiral16 isn’t just a monitoring tool, we’re a research partner. Schedule a demo today!