Visual Mapping With Our Industry-Leading 3D Data Visualization Engine

Data visualization allows you to understand the big picture at a glance. See a visual snapshot of the data you are monitoring from a different perspective.

Here’s an embed of the “Conan vs. Leno” interactive 3D visualization. The spheres above represent social conversations, blogs, and news sites that match the study’s keywords, and the lines between them are links on the Internet.

-Click on any sphere to see the details of that URL. If there is a number before “conversation,” click on that to see an overt sentiment sample.
-Click on the dead space, hold down button, and move mouse to rotate the view of the visualization.

Our visualization tool tracks how messages are spread by visualizing web pages as green, red, or gray spheres. The data points assigned are those colors according to the sentiment of the page. The lines between them represent page links.

Spiral16’s visualization comes with the basic platform subscription, and allows you to quickly identify key influencers and authoritative voices online who are spreading a positive, negative, or neutral message about a topic across the Internet.

Being able to quickly visualize and interpret data intuitively is so important, especially in the fast-paced modern work environment. Our software allows you to see trends develop in a meaningful context.

We created a video to illustrate how our data visualization is used in monitoring a political campaign.

The visualization part of our software enables users to monitor pre- and post-campaign conversations over a calendar timeline, which helps quantify the impact of conversation over the campaign period.

Filtering options and circular-tree maps can narrow your focus even further. The 3D visual-mapping engine also functions as a dynamic and effective reporting and presentation tool. Want to know more about how data visualization can shed new light on your project and serve as a dynamic presentation tool? Schedule a demo!