Who Uses Spiral16?

Spiral16 clients utilize our robust software platform and Actionable Analytics reports to gather online intelligence and make data-driven decisions. Our software discovers important trends, identifies online communities, measures sentiment, and allows you to run industry/market studies and competitive intelligence that will give you the edge. Our analytics and reporting services are a turnkey solution that allows your marketing team to focus on strategy and execution — not just the numbers. Whichever route you choose, our experienced analytics team will guide you through all steps of the process.


BrandsBusiness moves fast, and the only way to keep up is through active brand listening. Spiral16 can help your team gain a competitive edge with full-service Internet tracking, analysis, and reporting.  Make smart, data-driven business decisions and track the effectiveness of your marketing spend. Spiral16 gives companies the knowledge and insight they need to inform every step of the business cycle.


AgenciesFinding the most relevant online conversations for your clients is time-consuming. You’re mainly focused on day-to-day execution and not always on the big picture. Spiral16 gives you crucial social media and web data that quantifies your success and shows where new marketing opportunities lie. Let Spiral16 be your monitoring partner. From initial listening strategy development and setup to analysis and reporting assistance, we’re there when you need us.

Public Relations

Public RelationsSometimes you have to put out fires, but wouldn’t it be nice to get ahead of the curve and have brand advocates and influencers at the ready when you need them? Spiral16 can identify influencers within industries or brands, aggregate all the data you need, and send you custom-built weekly volume growth and sentiment reports. Reputation monitoring, trendspotting, and reporting has never been easier than with Spiral16, especially with an expert analytics team at the ready to help you.


ResearchersCompanies reply on your reports and recommendations, so you need a powerful, robust tool that gives you more control, accurate data, and depth of reporting. Spiral16 is a sophisticated online research platform built for data geeks by data geeks. Spiral16’s DIY interface allows you to look at the 100,000-foot view all the way down to the most narrow data point. A flexible interface and tons of custom filtering options give you more control over the data so you can get more insight out of it.

What applications can you use web monitoring for? How can social media research grow your business?